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(46) Methyl parathion detection in vegetables and fruits using silver@graphene nanoribbons nanocomposite modified screen printed electrode
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Scientific Reports 2017; 7: 46471. (IF: 5.228)

 (45Highly selective colorimetric and electrochemical sensing of iron (III) using Nile red functionalized graphene film
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Acta Biomaterialia (2016) (in press)  (IF: 6.008)

Research News..!

(6) Our research is highlighted on YOUTUBE videos (Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 10716)

(4) Winner of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Discovery Challenge Research Award Competition (2014) consists of a $7500 mini-grant.

(3) Associate Editor of Frontiers in Carbon-Based Materials from May 2014.

(2) The Editorial Board Member of Journal of Nanomaterials (IF : 1.611)

(1) The Editorial Board Member of Journal of Chemistry (IF : 0.622)